Book Release Party

This Friday is the book release party for Val Roberts and me at Rediscovered Books in Boise. The event starts at 7 pm, and both Val and I will be reading from our work.


Life gets in the way. The last couple of years I have been trying really hard to finish the first chapter of my book. It always felt like things kept getting in the way. I can finally say I think I am in the home stretch. This morning I finished the final section of chapter one. Now for a little editing, and review by my editor then it is on to the synopsis. My goal is to have a decent copy for our next writers group that i missed this month. Wish me luck.

Reposts Welcome

Note to contributing writers of Genre Bender. I know we all have busy lives and such, so if you want to reprint a post from your personal blog to this one, feel free. This helps the search engines link to you and your site more often and that helps people find you. So it’s kind of a win-win scenario for everyone.


Homemade Novel Art

I’m a bit unconventional when it comes to being a writer. I started out my creative life wanting to be a film maker. In those early days, I shot a lot of film and video tape. I also did plenty of drawing. Storyboarding is a concept used in film making wherein you draw out your scenes like comic books in little squares or rectangles. The idea is to let you visualize a scene from beginning to end, before you start filming it.

There really is nothing like this in writing a novel, except working out and sticking to an outline. But I’m a visual person. Remember, I was a film major in school. Yes, I’m actually in the IMDB. Anyway, early on in my film making career; so early that I was still in Junior High School, my friends and I started drawing scenes from a SF movie that we planned to make in our back yards that would rival Star Wars. Did I mention we were only 14? Yeah, delusions of grandeur.

Anyway, that movie never really got made, but it was so fun drawing the starships and then actually making little cardboard models of them, that it kept us entertained for hours on end and as my dad used to say, kept us out of the pool halls. Being a diligent archivist, I kept everything we drew. From age 13 through our early twenties. Much later in life, I decided to turn those drawings into a novel. The end result was Starstrikers.

Eight-wing Starfighter

This week on my blog, I’m opening up the vault and showing off some art that we drew as kids that I’m now using for inspiration as I start writing the prequel to StarstrikersStarforgers. Not all the art that I will be showing off was drawn when I was a kid. I continue to sketch scenes from my novels to help me visualize them. I can’t help it, I think in visual terms. But fair warning, I’m not an artist in real life, I only pretend to be one. So some of the drawings are less than spectacular. Well, okay, most of them suck. But you can still see where I’m coming from with each brief description.

So how about it, do any of the other distinguished writers on Genre Bender doodle before they write?

New Cover Art

Thought I’d post here, since it’s been a while. Well, okay, maybe like a year or more. So long ago, I can’t remember when I last posted here. Anyway, I have some news. This week I’m launching my first anthology of SF stories. It’s called, Tales From Ocherva Vol 1, and here is the awesome cover for it:

You can find out more about the e-book only anthology over at my web site: http://ken-mcconnell.com. I promise to post here a little more often in the coming weeks. Anyone else join me?

I Have Cover Art

Cover art for Warrior Wisewoman III is here!


Good News

I have some good news to share: my science fiction short story, “The Truth One Sees” will be published in the Warrior Wisewoman III anthology, due out in June.  I had a lot of fun with this story, which is my only work of science fiction to date.  I’m looking forward to seeing what people think of it.