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Mother of two, wife of one, fiction addict. I read it. I watch it. I write it. I specifically am working on paranormals - mutants, super humans, time travel, etc. I used to GM a Rifts group of RPGers. I used to play WOW (fiction via MMORPG). I used to have a life. Now I just write. Amberly lives in the Northwest with her husband, two children, mother-in-law, and a cat named Cat. Their home has become a PC graveyard where games and gadgets are discarded for the latest shiny. She likes to read in bed, write in coffee shops, and cuddle while watching Netflix or Hulu. Amberly acknowledges that she has issues with being too succinct. Feel free to ask her questions about herself. She's not shy, just clueless what anyone would find particularly interesting about her life. To contact Amberly, leave a comment or follow her on Facebook (link on the side bar). To learn more about her editing services, check out Kuznya Freelance. www.kuznyafreelance.com

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