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Reposts Welcome

Note to contributing writers of Genre Bender. I know we all have busy lives and such, so if you want to reprint a post from your personal blog to this one, feel free. This helps the search engines link to you and your site more often and that helps people find you. So it’s kind of a win-win scenario for everyone.


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New Posts

Just an administrative note. I have imported all of the posts from my local Speculative Fiction group’s blog – Boise Spec Fic. So if you venture in time back to before we started Genre Bender, you will see posts from that blog. There are a few gems back there, do take a look.

Admin – Ken McConnll

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I’ve been working to become a published author now for a few years. I’ve had some success with the short story markets in Science Fiction and I self published my first novel, as an experiment with new processes in publishing.

The most valuable thing I’ve found during my journey so far is the support and wisdom of fellow struggling writers. I have many blogs that I surf daily if not weekly in an effort to keep up with friends and learn valuable new things. The idea has occurred to me and to others that it would be cool if all those writers had a single place to put their useful posts about the craft of writing. I’d still visit everyone’s blog just to keep up with them personally; but when I wanted to reference an old article about writing, I could have one place to go to search for it.

So I asked some of my writer friends who also blog if they would be interested in this kind of a newbie writing blog, and they all agreed that it would be kinda cool. What you see here is the result. I hope you come along with us and contribute in comments or in posts. If anything, you can use the blog as an excuse to get a few words written for the day, even if they are not on your WIP (Work In Progress).

Ken McConnell

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