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I got a reply from Samhain. A no thank you. I think I prefer the long response time, then I can delude myself that they were tempted. For some reason this one was really hard for me. Maybe because it’s the first non-personal rejection. But I think its more that I had gotten …arrogant? Not quiet the right word…. I was so sure that this would be a good fit. I even made the mistake of telling someone that I felt close. That’s like when one of the character’s on a tv/movie says it can’t get any worse and then it does. I just want to climb into bed and ignore life for a bit but instead I packed my writing bag and headed for the coffee shop to work.

I didn’t get much done. Distracted. My mind wanting to analyze the different angles, where I should submit next, etc. Then my nemesis Kathy Hurley sat across the café from me. Then I had to work. I’m not saying were enemies or even Frenemies. She’s great. But having another author who could see I was goofing off instead of working was a great kick in the pants to get started and the rest of the night was very productive.

So, I’m not giving up on RNR, no freaking way, but I’m juggling a little publisher research with working on SAR so I can figure out where to send it next and how to spin it. Wish me luck.

So let’s get some chatter going. What do you do with rejections?


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Tip of the Day

Romance Writers are Happy Ending Experts

Which is neither tip like or daily.

If you aren’t getting Publishers Lunch you should. Publishers Marketplace is a great source of industry information for writers. Who is buying/selling what genre? Agents that switch houses and new genre lines being launched. However it costs to get all the info. For the highlights (still great info) is Publishers Lunch which is emailed to you regularly for FREE. Go here and sign up. Half way down the page is a

Please Note: Click Here

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I will on occasion, be introducing you to some podcasts that I am enjoying because they are in some way related to SF/F. Podcasts, for the uninitiated, are audio programs that are down loadable from the web and intended to be listened to on your MP3 player.

First up is a podcast that focuses on publishing from an aspiring writer’s point of view – Adventures in Sci-Fi Publishing. How pertinent is that to the audience of this blog?

Shaun Farrell and Sam Wynns collaborate on the podcast which includes news and interviews with writers and editors in the business. If you’re looking for a smart, and entertaining podcast with plenty of focus on industry news, you can’t go wrong with Adventures in Sci-Fi Publishing. They are currently teaming up with TOR and Pyr SF in a contest called, Keys to Publishing, which includes timely writing and publishing tips and free books from both publishers.

There’s more good content that I don’t have the space for here, so go and download the latest issue and subscribe to the podcast in iTunes or from their recently updated and shiny new web site.

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A Book Site

With the impending refresh of my self-published SF novel, Starstrikers, I have decided to put up a web site dedicated to the book and it’s fans. I used a template site called Ning Networks to host it. This way I could focus on growing a community around the book instead of maintaining another web site.

The Starstrikers.ning.com web site is more than just a social networking site for the book. I’ve expanded it to include every short story and novel set in the same universe as Starstrikers. There are pictures, a blog and forums all dedicated to the stories set in this universe.

One interesting aspect of the Ning network is that everyone who joins, gets their own web home on the site. So you can post your own blog entries and pictures and whatever you want. You can even retheme your area to your own tastes and still be on the Starstrikers network.

The site has about ten members at the moment, all of whom were invited by myself or people I know. With time, there could be dozens of members or, luck willing, hundreds even thousands. If early indications are to be believed, that is not unattainable. The site already gets twice as much traffic as my personal blog.

Since the publishing world largely snubs self-published works, the only way they can succeed is by word of mouth on the interwebs. That’s what this site is all about. Building community and getting the word out.

If you are interested in checking out what I’m doing, please head on over and join the fun!

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My first short story sale – “The Renoke“, is now up at SpaceWesterns.com. You can read it there for free. I think Nathan, the editor, did a good job capturing the alien and the look of the starship of the story’s title.

I’ve been waiting to share this with the world for quite some time, so tell everyone about it and go read it. Besides, it’s creepy good fun. 😉

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Book Launch 2.0

The joys of post-sale, self promotion!

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Great Blogs

The Folio Literary Management is starting a new blog at: foliolit.blogspot.com.The agents are taking turns posting to it and the first blog is about query letters.

Another blog dealing with query letters – this one made me laugh:  raleva31.livejournal.com. Lit Agent X dishes on Query Faux Pas

And last one: jimbutcher.livejournal.com. Jim’s latest book Small Favor is in the New York Times top ten for the third week in a row. Congrats! His blog has some great entries about how he writes (the method to his madness).

What are your favorite blogs?

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