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This Needs a Title

Writerly to-do list:

1. Critique five manuscripts for the RWA On the Far Side contest, official deadline October 9 (personal deadline October 1).

2. Write the distillation lecture for MITG/PFAI  inaugural online class Practical Chemistry for Writers, which starts Oct. 1.

3. Finish reading Who Dares Wins before Nov. 15 Warrior Writers Workshop w/Bob Mayer.

4. Create Yahoo/Google group for people who want updates for PFAI/MITG online classes.

5. E-mail Blane, the Partners In Crime intern, regarding chat software.

6. Talk Ken McConnell and Angie Abderhalden into doing an online chat/panel for a couple of hours one evening next spring all about non-traditional publishing. (Note: Discuss chat software with Blane *first*).

7. E-mail Aaron Patterson, who has been trying to get in touch with me.

8. Finish opening of “hot fairy tale” novella for critique group meeting on Sept. 27. Samhain anthology deadline Feb. 10.

9. Finish chapter of WIP for critique group meeting on Sept. 27.

10. Increase personal blog posts to 2x per week now that there are people actually reading it.

11. Keep telling myself, “I’m not as busy as other people are. I’m not as busy as other people are.”

What is it about September? I’m always running around like a squirrel on espresso in September.

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