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Novel Maps

I recently put together a Google Map for my soon to be released mystery novel – Null_Pointer. Authors use maps to help them write in many ways, from exploring cities that they have not been to, to getting a feel for where their characters are actually located in the real world.

I wrote Null_Pointer in my current home city of Boise, Idaho. I was well familiar with all the locations mentioned in the book, because I had physically been to each of them; well, the real locations anyway. Quite a few locations were made up.

But the purpose of making a publicly viewable Google Map of the novel was to let folks who do not live in Boise become familiar with the real places I mention in the book. While writing NP, I wanted to set it in my home city to showcase it to a wider audience. Boise is one of the best kept secrets of the American West and I wanted to set my mystery somewhere besides LA or NYC.

In making the map for the novel, I used the stick pins available through Google to place various locations of note in the novel. Some places were not available in Street View, so you will not be able to see them up close. But most of the restaurants featured in the book have enough details so that you can visit them. Many of the pins are markers for events that happen in the book.

Has anyone else used a mapping program like this for their novels?

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