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My Lair

One of my favorite workshops is by Elizabeth Boyle. The Superhero’s Guide to Writing Romance. She says the five steps to being a Superhero Writer is:

  • Learn Your Secret Identity – what you write, a.k.a. your voice
  • Discover Your Super Powers – your writing strengths
  • Build A Lair – your place to not only write but heal after battles
  • Confront Your Nemesis – your green kryptonite or was it red?
  • Take A Moto – the reason you write, what keeps you going

It’s a funny and well presented workshop with great tips. I have multiple lairs, places I write, but there are things that I must have to write no matter where I work.

  • A well lit area. Dimly lit coffee shops or restaurants are hard on my eyes.
  • No internet. Distraction is my Nemesis – one of them at least – and his favorite weapon against me is the internet.
  • I need my utility belt. I write on my computer but it’s the most vulnerable to Distraction so I prefer my AlphaSmart or editing on hard copy.
  • To guard against Distraction I listen to music on my IPod and work best away from my kids.

So I write in the well lit, six miles from home, Barnes & Noble where I use my body language to keep away friendly visitors. Or in bed, on my stomach, while everyone is asleep.

Ken’s pictures are great but my lair is a mess so no pics from me. I have worked in WordPerfect 5.0 all the way through Corel 8 (I miss reveal codes) but currently I use Microsoft Word 2007 which means often converting the .docx files to just plain old .doc files.

I wish I got to escape to my lair more often. Today for example, I am babysitting. They have to sleep eventually.

What is your favorite superhero shout? Mine is DarkWing Duck’s – I am the terror that flaps in the night, I am Dark Wing Duck. Let’s get dangerous! What’s yours?

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