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My usual writing space is the “dinning room” table. I put that in quotes because my house has one living room/dinning room space with no walls. I sit in a hard backed chair that I can’t see TV. That way I can keep in eye contact with my wife (most times) and feel like we’re sharing the same space.

However I’ll write anywhere I can. Sitting in bed, sitting on the couch (today I got a few words out sitting on the couch with the TV off). Right now I’m typing this watching Ghost Hunters (my guilty pleasure), sitting on the couch. I’ve tried writing on the deck, but just never can pull it together out there.

I’ve also written at work, which I shouldn’t be doing (as I don’t have a lunch break to write on). I’ve written in libraries, waiting for the car to be fixed, and almost anywhere I can; even my Mom’s house on Xmas Eve.

I’ve done everything from writing on the backs of register receipts (the only paper available), to strips of paper I have at work, to keying in on different computers and moving them to my main writing machine using webmail and USB drives.

My writing experience, however, tends to break most “rules of writing.” I also try various activities to help get the words out. I’ll write with music, in silence, with lots of noise around me or half listening to what’s on the TV that I can’s see. I’ll write while downloading and reading websites, by intentionally moving out of wifi range, finding some spot that takes me out of my normal routine. I’ll write at almost any time of the day and night. Including waking up in the middle of the night and writing four pages by hand before trying to go back to sleep.

If you can have a continuing place to write and can have the same time slot everyday to write, I wholehearted recommend doing that. Unfortunately with my life I don’t often get those, so I grab what I can, where, when and how I can.

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