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Story Editing

Yesterday I started on the fourth rewrite of A History of Lightning, my l latest short story. Actually, I started the keying in part, I’d already completed the “combining all the suggestions from the critique group” and the “put in all the notes you have on scraps of paper” part. And as a demonstration of such an event, here is the first page of edits.

Bleeding Red Ink
Again, this is the fourth round of edits. So you thought it would get easier did you? Ha, I say. Ha.

Okay, to be fair, this is just the first page so it holds some of the general comments I want to keep in mind as I rewrite/edit. That’s most of the red marks up top. One of the comments that most people agreed with was I didn’t make the POV clear in the first paragraph, so that explains most of the marks there. The other pages have less red. No, really they do.

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